We need much more green energy now but it is taking too long!!

What if we could build beautiful, flexible, cool energy pods, harvest the energy from the wind with much higher efficiency that people would feel proud about right away? We can build communities helping people around the world to make this happen.

Our cool energypods are easy to place and you can choose how many you want mounted in a tower, we will help you through the entire journey and the more green energy you produce the more money you will earn. But most importantly; We need to act fast. This will help save the earth!

In harmony

Our energypods are more in harmony with nature, we get rid of the large rotating wings that both generate noise, attract attention and harm animals. Our energypods are also easy to transport and require much less concrete in the foundation.

Our solution 

We have a holistic way, designed for optimizing the whole journey from planning, logistics with standard fleets to energy production, using known aerodynamics, modularization and a digital platform.


The future of wind power is small modular duct wind turbines combined in a mesh

Digital platform

Drastically reduce time from initiating to power production by enabling the public, wind developers, energy companies... 


Highly efficient duct wind turbines and the modularity will deliver best LCOE (Levelized cost of energy)

Enable people to make a difference 

We make it easy to plan, test invite neighbours and create communities

Place a wind tower where you want, choose how many energypods you want and get direct feedback.

Revolutionize green wind energy

  The world has never needed more green energy faster: Wind energy will be a significant part of the solution, but the industry faces a multitude of challenges. The entire process from start to reliable energy production takes far too long, largely due to how the wind turbines are built and interfere with the environment.

Let's change that!